What is Malware?

What is Malware? Malware Defined, Explained, and Explored

Malware is just a malicious program/malicious software designed by cyber hackers with the only purpose to make huge amount of money by innocent PC users. Trojan, Ransomware, Adware, Browser Hijackers, Redirect Virus, Scam Pop-up, Rootkits, Spyware and Viruses are among the different kinds of malware. Once, the hackers designed any malware they attached it with any free software or on the malicious websites like torrent and when users download any free software and install them the malware automatically insert and hide itself deep into the system. once they get success to hide itself from users they they make some big or harmful damages into the system let see which malware does what :-


What Is Malware?

Trojan :- This kind of very malicious malware disguises itself as legitimate software, or is hidden in legitimate software that has been tampered with. It tends to act discreetly and create backdoor in your security to let other malware in or silently steal your all secret or essential information/data in transfer them to the hackers.

Ransomware :- This kind of very nasty or dangerous malware typically locks down your computer and your all files with some unknown extensions, and threatens to erase everything unless you pay a ransom money & there is no doubt that they demand huge amount of ransom money.

Adware :- Though not always malicious in nature, aggressive advertising software can undermine your all the security just to serve you unwanted or useless ads — which can give other malicious malware an easy way in. Plus, let’s face it: pop-ups are really annoying and paining.

Browser Hijackers :- Once this malware insert in your your system there no doubt that this will make your system completely useless because hijack your browser whenever you tried do go online it will automatically redirect you on unknown or malicious page. It will silently invites others malicious malware into your system.

Spyware :- Well no surprise here — spyware is very disgusting malware designed to spy on you(users). It hides in the background and takes notes on what you do online, including your all kind of passwords, credit card numbers, surfing habits, and many more.

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