What is ‘Petya’ ransomware? How it can be stopped?

‘Petya’ ransomware

Firstly we know about Ransomware.

Ransomware is a kind of malicious malware that is able to block access to a PC or its entire data and then demands huge amount of money to release it.
How Ransomware work?
When a PC is infected from Ransomware, then the ransomware lock all useful and sensitive data files after that demands huge amount of ransom money in limited time period, if the users don’t pay the ransom money it will delete data completely.

Now we know How does ‘Petya’ ransomware work?

‘Petya’ ransomware is created by cyber criminals with the main motive to earn lots of money by the help of encrypting data. It will mostly invade your PC by the using of fake spam email attachments, social media, bundled with freeware program, ‘Petya’ ransomware insert into your machine through malicious, Torrent or porn websites. By infected CD drives, DVD drives, USB drives. If you playing online game from unknown sites ‘Petya’ ransomware is also installed itself into your PC without your knowing. Once it will get success to invade your PC then it will first of all block your all security program and antivirus software also. After that detect your important and sensitive data and encrypt them all in very few time. Then after a ransom note send on your computer screen and warn that your system is infected from ‘Petya’ ransomware and your all data are encrypted if you want to restore them then you have to purchase decryption key and they demand huge amount of money for decryption key and also give a limited time to pay money, if you don’t pay money then it will delete your all encrypted data completely.

Ransom Note by :- ‘Petya’ ransomware

‘Petya’ ransomware

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