(Solved!) How To Remove LANMAMASTER.SYS Virus Completely From Windows OS : LANMAMASTER.SYS Removal Report

Steps To Remove LANMAMASTER.SYS Virus

Hello guys, my system is infected from LANMAMASTER.SYS Virus from last night. Due to this cunning threats the performance of my computer getting very slow and my system restart automatically again and again. So many times I tried to remove this LANMAMASTER.SYS virus from my system but comes again and again. So friends please give me some idea to uninstall this malicious virus completely from my PC.



LANMAMASTER.SYS Virus is very harmful PC virus find out as too much dangerous Trojan horse virus. Mainly this type detrimental threats is created by the group of cyber criminals for their evil purpose. Once LANMAMASTER.SYS virus, insert into your PC then firstly it will disable your Windows Security system and then it will powerless your anti-virus application that’s the reason users unable to remove this distasteful virus completely from their Computing machine. It will also change your registry settings without your knowing. If this noxious virus run long time into your Computer system then it will also steal your all personal and private date such as bank account details, passport details, mobile number, gmail account, PAN card number, Your secret ATM pin number, IP address and many mores without your permission easily transfer them to their authors. So don’t try to ignore this malicious malware get rid of as soon as possible.

How LANMAMASTER.SYS Virus insert into your PC?

  • By using spam email attachments.
  • By pair to pair file sharing.
  • By downloading free software and games from malicious sites.
  • By playing online games on untrusted sites.

How LANMAMASTER.SYS Virus is harmful for system?

  • It will modify your Windows Registry Settings.
  • It will block your Windows System Security Settings.
  • Only because of LANMAMASTER.SYS Virus various type of fake alerts shows on your computer screen.
  • It will steal your all personal and private data without your permission.

LANMAMASTER.SYS Removal Instruction

(Windows OS) Plan A – Get Rid of LANMAMASTER.SYS with Manually (Only For PC Experts with Top Techniques)

(Windows OS) Plan B – Delete LANMAMASTER.SYS Automatically from Windows PC (Easy and Safe For All PC Users)

Step 1:- How to Boot Windows in Safe Mode to LANMAMASTER.SYS

Step 2:- How To See All Hidden Files Generated By LANMAMASTER.SYS From All kind of Windows System



  • First of all close all program and then go to your desktop.
  • Choose My Computer Icon and double click the left button of your Mouse to open it.
  • Press on the Tools Menu and after that press on folder option.
  • Choose View Tab that become visible in New Window.
  • Find and Tick mark on the box next to show the contents of System Folders.
  • Then select Show hidden files and folders.
  • Finally click on Apply button and OK button to close the window safely.





  • First of all minimize all the windows and then go to your Desktop.
  • Now go to go to left side and click on Start Button.
  • Then after click on control Panel.
  • After that control panel open by two type :- 1) Control Panel Classic View, 2) Control Panel Home View
  • If you select 1) Control Panel Classic View then follow this:-
  • Press twice the left button of your mouse on Folder Icon to open it.
  • Now Choose the View Tab.
  • After that Select Show hidden files, folder or drives and click on it.
  • If you choose 2) Control Panel Home View Then follow this guide:-
  • Click on Appearance and Personalization button.
  • Then after select Show hidden files, folder or drives and click on it.
  • At last click on Apply button and the press OK.

  • It will show all folders created by LANMAMASTER.SYS

Know how to view Hidden Folders on Windows 7, Win 8 and Windows 10

Important Note :- (Guys this is very important to view all the files generated by LANMAMASTER.SYS and that is known to exists on infected PC.)

  • First of all press together the Start button and R button to open Run Box.

  • Then after enter appwiz.cpl in the open box and click on OK button.
  • Control Panel Home Is open on your screen, now find all unwanted or suspicious program or any other entries belongs to LANMAMASTER.SYS. If you detect them then uninstall it, if you are not sure then please don’t uninstall any program otherwise a new and big issues created.
  • See your upper right corner there a search button, type msconfig and hit on enter buton, this will display a window

In the Start Menu, Uncheck all the LANMAMASTER.SYS related entries or which are unknown as Manufacturer.

Step 3 :- Press together the Start button and R button to open Run Box.

  • Copy the following command and Paste here.
  • Notepad %windir%system32/Drivers/etc/hosts and click on OK button.
  • After that a new file opened on your computer screen. If your PC is really infected by LANMAMASTER.SYS your accurate IP address will be shown which can be found in the button of the screen.

  • Find the dubious IP in your localhost.

Step 5 :- How to eliminate LANMAMASTER.SYS running processes.

Press together CTRL+SHIFT+ESC Buttons and open Windows Task manager on your computer screen.

  • Find LANMAMASTER.SYS realated Running Processes.
  • Then after press the right button of your mouse on LANMAMASTER.SYS and click on End the Processes.

Method 6 :- How to Delete LANMAMASTER.SYS Related Registry Entries

  • First of all open your Run button and type regedit and click on OK button to open Registry.

  • Now all entries list open on your screen.
  • That after search all the entries generated by LANMAMASTER.SYS delete them all.
  • On the other hand, you can manually find for it in the list to delete LANMAMASTER.SYS Manually.


Unluckily, guys if you are unable to uninstall LANMAMASTER.SYS from your PC, then don’t waist your time quickly Scan your PC.

Option B :- Remove LANMAMASTER.SYS Automatically From PC

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Steps To Remove LANMAMASTER.SYS With SpyHunter

  • Download SpyHunter by clicking below Download Button.

  • Double click on the installer file and install this utility in your PC.

  • Click on Start Scan button to detect LANMAMASTER.SYS.

  • Finally, click on Fix Threats Button to remove LANMAMASTER.SYS completely from your PC.

Note – The free version of SpyHunter will scan your system for free and will show you the list of all potentially harmful threat available in your PC. However, in order to remove these threat completely from your system you will need to purchase the full version of Spyhunter Malware Removal Tool.


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