Way To Delete Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Virus Completely From Infected System

Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Removal Instruction

Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads is a fake and deceptive computer malware identified as redirect virus. It is a cunning PC malware that silently crawl into your system without permission and hijack your main browser. This noxious threat is able to attack any Windows computer including the latest Windows 10. It can take over on all famous and commonly used web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and many others. Once this nasty malware infection manages to enter your machine and infecting your browser then it can do serious damage. Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads virus will keep showing fake ads, warning messages, alerts, pop-ups, errors and many other kind of advertising material to cheat your money.

Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads

The prime focus of Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads virus is to show fake pop-ups on the infected PC to redirect their browser on malicious websites. It can also spread malicious codes and viruses thorough its advertisements. It is mainly aimed to earn commission for referring traffic to sponsored websites but it can also get used by hackers for more harmful works. It is can easily slither your computer security and mess with your system settings. It can disable your anti-virus program to make your system weak against malware attacks. Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads virus can monitor your online activities and track your browsing history. It can collect your sensitive information without your permission. It can send your financial details to hackers and make you a big loss. It can also create loopholes into your machine that can lead to serious damage. So it is very important to delete Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads virus soon from your computer.

Here Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads malware removal instructions is provides in tow sections. Section one is for Windows PC users whereas Section 2 will help you to remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads from Mac machines. Kindly follow the corresponding removal section according to your system.

Section 1: For Windows OS Users

Solution A – Manually Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads from your computer (Complicated, Tricky, Time Taking & Risky – Suggested only for Computer Geeks)

Solution B – Automatically Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads using advanced anti-malware tool (Easy and Safe – Suggested for all PC users)

Section 2: For Apple Mac OS Users

Automatically remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads from your Mac by using the best system security software for Mac OS

Section 1:- Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads From Widows PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 PC)

This guide will assist you to remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads virus completely from your Windows PC. Here we have provides both manual and automatic solutions for users convince. Users can choose the solution according to their priority.

Friendly Instruction :- The manual removal methods to deal with Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads virus is authenticated and proven. However, guys with less technical skill may find it difficult to remove this notorious threat manually from their PC. Sometimes it has been seen that while removing malware, users unknowingly delete some important files. Additionally, even common mistakes here can turn the situation worse. Hence, while using the manual method users are requested be careful.

Solution A :- Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Manually

Step 1 :- Find and Remove Hidden Malicious Files from PC

Show Hidden Files and Folder

For Windows 7/ XP & Vista PC

  • Right-click on Windows Logo and select Open Windows Explorer.
  • Click Organise and select Folder then Search Options.
  • Now click on View tab.
  • Select Show hidden files and folders then uncheck the Hide protected system operating files option.

  • Click Yes in confirmation window and then click OK.

For Windows 10 PC

  • Press Windows + E keys on your keyboard.
  • Click on the View tab.

  • Check File name extensions and Hidden items.

Delete Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Related Files from Hidden Folders

%Temp%\[Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads]

%AppData%\[Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads]

%LocalAppData%\[Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads]

%LocalAppData%\[Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads].exe

%CommonAppData%\[Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads]


Step 2:- Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Related Registry Files

  • Press Wind+R keys.
  • Type regedit.exe in the dialog box and press OK.

  • Find and delete bellow listed registry files from your PC.



HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain “Default_Page_URL”

HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\Software\Classes\[Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads]

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\[Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads]

Step 3 :- Uinstall Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads From Control Panel

From Windows 10 PC

  • Click Start Menu.
  • Go to Settings menu to see all contents.

  • Here, choose the System menu.
  • Under System menu, Click on Apps and features option.

  • Choose Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads from the list.
  • Click on Uninstall button to get rid of Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads in your PC.

From Windows 8 PC

  • Click on bottom left corner of your computer screen.
  • Now click on Control Panel option.
  • Select Uninstall a Program from control panel.

  • Finally find Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads from the list and hit Uninstall button.

From Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP

  • Go to Start menu, then Control Panel.
  • Double-click on the Add or Remove Programs option.


  • From the list of all ‘Currently Installed Programs’ select Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads and then click Change/Remove button.

Step 4 :- Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Related extensions, ad-ons, plug-in, toolbar from Browsers

Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads From Microsoft Edge

As, Edge browser doesn’t have extension option hence you just need to reset the homepage and search engine to remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads from your browser.

Reset Homepage

  • Click on More (…) icon and go to Settings

  • Select A specific page or pages from under the Open option.

  • Choose Custom and enter a desired URL of page, you want to set as homepage.

Reset Search Engine

  • Select More (…) then click on Settings.
  • Click the View advanced settings option.
  • Click <Add new> under “Search in the address bar with”.
  • Enter the search engine you like and click Add as default.

Reset Browser Settings

  • Choose More (…) icon on the address bar.
  • Go to Settings option.
  • Click “Choose what to clear”
  • Check the first three options and then click Clear.

Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads From Chrome Browser

Remove Extensions

  • Click on Chrome menu on your browser toolbar.
  • Click Tools option.
  • Go to Extensions.
  • Click trash can icon to delete Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads extension along with all unwanted extensions.
  • Click Remove if the confirmation dialog appears.

Reset Browser Settings

  • Open Chrome, click “Customize and control Google Chrome” option then click on Settings.
  • From the bottom of Settings page, click on Show advanced settings option.
  • Click on Reset browser settings button.
  • Click Reset button in the confirmation window and restart your browser.

Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads From Mozilla Firefox

Remove Extensions



  • Click menu option and select Add-ons.
  • In the Add-ons Manager tab, click on the Extensions tab.
  • Find all malicious extensions including Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads.
  • Click Disable or Remove button under the desired extension.
  • Finally restart your browser.

Reset Browser Settings


  • Open Firefox, click on Firefox button, then Click on Help button.
  • Now select Troubleshooting Information option.
  • Here you will need to click on Reset Firefox.
  • If the confirmation window appear the click Reset Firefox button to confirm and restart browser.

Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads From Internet Explorer

Remove Extensions

  • Open the IE, click on Tools option, then go to Manage add-ons.
  • Select Toolbars and Extensions option from left side of the window.
  • Now select Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads extension.
  • You’ll see the Remove option, ff the add-on can be deleted. Click Remove and then click Close.
  • If there is no remove button then simply click Disable button.

Reset Browser Settings

  • Open browser, then click on Tools.
  • Click on Internet Options.
  • Select Advanced tab, then click Reset button.
  • Once the reset process completed then restart your web browser and start browsing.

Solution B :- Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Automatically

If you think manual removal too risky or difficult for you then using SpyHunter Malware Scanner Tool will be simply the best option for you. It is one most advanced and powerful utility to detect or remove any vicious PC threat easily from your system. It is loaded with such advanced features that it provide complete security to your system against all kinds of malware infection i.e, Trojan, Rootkit, Worm, Adware, Spyware, Malicious Extensions and so on. Well, it brings a significant malware detection and removal technique which enable this amazing tool to remove threat that can not be removed by normal anti-spyware applications. Additionally, it also provides technical help from the pioneer security experts. One thing that makes SpyHunter best in the business is that it can find and delete all viruses automatically hence you can easily operate this tool even if you are not a computer geek.

How To Use SpyHunter To Delete Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads

Step 1 – Download and Install SpyHunter Anti-Malware tool to detect and remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads .

Note – SpyHunter’s malware scanner offers a complete and free detection of your computer for all types of harmful and potential threats. Once the software completes the scan, you can buy the SpyHunter license to remove all detected viruses safely and quickly.

Step 2 – Double-click on SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install the program.

Step 3 – Click Start Computer Now to detect Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads and related malware.

Step 4 – Wait until the software detect all possible threats on your PC.

Step 5 – Click Fix Threats button to remove all detected viruses and infections.

Section 2:- Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads Automatically From Mac (Easy and Preferred Method)

Mac OS X is the safes computing machine till now. However, with time hackers have discovered the way to bypass Macintosh security measures as well. Attackers are now creating malicious application which can infect even Mac machine. Well, infecting OS X is certainly very difficult but removing an infection from Mac is even more tricky and complicated. Meanwhile, the situation become more risky for users as most of application and data in Mac system are purchased which can be compromised due to malware attacks. Hence, users should immediately opt for Mac security tool – MacBooster Lite if you system is infected with Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads.

MacBooster Lite is a complete package for your Mac system security. It is simply the best application for protection as well as maintenance of your Mac machine. It can easily uninstall all malicious and potentially harmful application from your Mac system in just few easy steps. Moreover, it also boost your system performance and make your system much fast and accurate. The best thing about this amazing utility is that, MacBooster Lite will also maintain your data safety and remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads completely without losing a single data or app from your system. The Security Center feature provided by MacBooster Lite will protect your system from all kinds of vicious and harmful threats. It also find and delete duplicate files from your machine. It is even capable to clean large files from your hard drive. Hence, using MacBooster Lite will be a very smart decision for you to get rid of Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads on your Mac system.

Know How To Remove Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads From Mac

1. Click here to download and install MacBooster program on your Mac.

2. Run a system scan with MacBooster to detect any malicious items.

3. Click on Fix button to fix all possible threats and problems problems on your Mac automatically.


Warm Reminder – Things To Do After Removing Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads

To avoid Enclosely.info Pop-up Ads coming back on your Machine and to prevent similar threats in future, you must follow these basic tips while using your computer:-

  1. – Always choose the Custom Installation method when you are installing any software.
  2. – Uncheck all hidden options and bundled program that you are unaware of or don’t know.
  3. – Scan all email attachments before you open them on your system.
  4. – Never download update from unknown and unsafe websites.
  5. – Do not visit adult / porn website.
  6. – Do not click on any misleading advertisements.
  7. – Always scan USB drives before transferring or copying files.
  8. – Scan your machine at regular intervals for hidden threats and malware.

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